Tips and Tricks to keep the pests at bay

Pests are a good way to ruin your picnic, a day out, or even a day in! No wonder everyone hates them. There are plenty of home remedies that you can use to keep them away. Reportedly, not everything works. Nowadays, many people in Singapore prefer to get professional pest control done. But there are a few nice tried and tested hacks that you can use to keep the creepy crawlies away. These are reported to work well in Singapore.

Examine your outdoor furniture at regular intervals for spider webs, termites, and eggs. If you have bought a toy or a piece of furniture outside, it is advisable to bring it inside again. If you must, then clean it up as thoroughly as possible. Check for holes or cracks that the pests can squeeze into and make their way into your home. Repair or block them, if you find any.

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If there are any standing water bodies, get rid of them. It is the most favorite place for mosquitoes to breed. If you have a yard or a lawn, make sure it is maintained so that there is no place for pests to hide or breed. Do not let fruits and fresh vegetables rot. It will attract flies and other insects. If you store firewood, try to keep it away from the house, so as to avoid termites. Take a look at this list by William Morrow.

10 Pest Control Tips to Keep Pests Away This Summer

Clean Your Kitchen

A pile of crumbs on your counter or floor is like a treasure chest to ants and other insects. Let them find treasure elsewhere – outside and far away from your home – by making sure you offer no treasure to be found in your own kitchen. Wipe your counters, sweep your floors, put food away immediately, and take out the trash regularly.

Don’t Throw Meat Outside Too Soon

Try not to throw meat scraps in your outside garbage unless the garbage will be picked up in the next 48 hours or so. The combination of rotting meat and summer sun could bring unwanted pests to your yard alarmingly fast.

Use a Pest Control Service

Hire a local pest control service to come to your home and regularly spray for bugs and rodents common to your area. “As pest control experts, we can take inventory of your issues and create a personalized plan to keep pests away”, says Jason Revill with Spott Pest Prevention in Austin, TX. “A professional pest control company can provide more protection than you can on your own, and the peace of mind you’ll receive knowing you have an expert protecting your home is immeasurable”, says Revill. Read more here.

Some other tips to keep the pests away include trimming the trees and shrubs in your yard. The pests breeding here can easily find a passage to your house. Again, keep an eye on your house for gaps and cracks. Repair them as soon as you spot them. This point cannot be stressed enough! Apart from external gaps, there could also be holes and cracks in your house. Such as in the walls housing the pipes, in the cabinets, etc. Seal or repair with immediately. Drains offer the pests an ideal entry into the house. Keep them clean and use disinfectants regularly.

If you have old food or opened boxes, it is wise to seal them up. Clean out your refrigerator regularly because an old or rotten food is a sure shot way to attract some nasty pests. If everything fails, you can always get professional pest control done in Singapore. There are many verified pest control companies in Singapore who work well. Check out this article on pest control tips by LISA JO LUPO.


10 Pest Control Tips: Keep Bugs, Insects and Mice Out of Your Home

Trash and Litter

Keep yards, patios, decks, and garages free of litter, weeds, and standing water. Ensure trash cans have tight-fitting lids and clean the cans and area regularly to remove debris and spills, on which pests can feed.


To reduce flying insects around doors and windows, replace standard mercury vapor lights with high-pressure sodium vapor or halogen lights. Bulbs that have pink, yellow or orange tints will be least attractive to the flying insects. Although it is common to place lights on exterior walls near doors, it is better to place the light farther away, using pole lights when possible, with the light shining toward the door for safety.

Recycled Items

It is preferable to store recyclables outside and away from your home. If this is not possible, ensure that all containers are thoroughly rinsed and that the recycling bin has a tight-fitting lid. All recycling and trash containers should also be rodent proof and cleaned frequently. Read more here.

If you have pets, take them for regular checkups. If you notice that they have been scratching more than usual, it could be possible that they have fleas or ticks. Try vacuuming and cleaning your furniture and carpets while you also groom your pets. If you live in a place where visits by snakes are common, try to keep your house clean so that rodents will not come, hence, keeping the snake away too. Termites can be a huge worry where it is has been long enough, your house can actually collapse! Make sure you do all the repairs on time so that the termites do not get time to do actual damage. Take a look at this article by Lindsay Yap.


How to prevent and deal with creepy-crawlies in your home

Rodents, cockroaches and ants

We’re pretty sure you’ve seen these little creatures scuttling about your house once in a while! The reason why they appear is because they’re attracted to food waste and spills. Ensure you use a bin with a lid so pests won’t be able to locate food waste. Remove any unwanted food and debris, and don’t leave food out in the open. Practise good housekeeping such as storing food in airtight containers. Seal all windows, doors, cracks and crevices. Keep boxes off the floor and minimise clutter.

Bed bugs

Bed-bug infestations are typically caused by cross-infestation. It can be because of global travel, transferring on different modes of transportation or even cross-contamination when using second-hand goods or furniture.

Wash your bedsheets, curtains and clothes (and even stuffed toys) frequently in high heat. Vacuum carpets, fabric drapes and upholstered furniture regularly. Pull beds away from walls. Frequently inspect your sheets layer by layer. Do not place luggage near to your bed. Separate dirty and clean linens. Read more here.

In conclusion, keeping your place clean always works! You can try out these simple but effective hacks to keep your house and surrounding clear of pests. If the damage is bad or if these hacks do not work, please consider calling a professional pest control company. There are many such companies available in Singapore who do a great work at a reasonable rate.