Best Places to Buy Mattresses in Singapore

There are many places you can buy a natural mattress of your choice in Singapore from brand stores, furniture megastores, and online marketplaces. The brand stores are typically the most expensive, as they sell at retail price. But before you take the plunge and make a purchase, it’s essential to get the feel of the mattress first hand in the store.

Most brands will have samples in the furniture store where customers can see and experience what they are buying. In this article, we will outline stores that have a variety of brand to choose from and many different mattress types such as back pain mattresses.  In these stores, you will find a broader range of mattresses and other related accessories, compared to a general furniture outlet.

Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman retails a good a variety of mattresses. They also carry popular brands like Baton Sleep, Levitate, Haylee brands, among others. You will find both affordable and high-end mattresses with over 40 types of mattresses and beds. The mattresses in this store include latex mattresses, spring mattresses, and memory foam mattresses. Harvey Norman conducts sales very often so make sure to check if there is one happening, you will be saving a lot of money.


Courts sells a wide range of mattresses including brands like Sealy, Four Stars, and Woosa and Noa mattress. The store carries both affordable and high-end brands products. There are over 500 options to choose from, and you will be able to find related accessories in their store, including protectors, pillows, and bed frames.


Shopping for a mattress online can be tricky if you don’t know the brand very well. That’s why it recommended that you visit a store and test out the mattress of your choice. Ordering online becomes easy after that because FurnitureSG offers delivery services. Before hitting check out, look for discount codes or shop sales, prices are usually the lowest at these clearance sales. Also, be aware of how many free trial dates are available and refund or exchange terms in case you do not like what you purchased.


Lazada is a market place where you are likely to find everything being sold here. Most brand and third-party sellers will have listings on this site. Check out their terms and conditions before selling. Compare prices between sellers selling the mattress you are interested in. Lastly, check the sellers rating to know his history and reviews from customers who purchased a product from that seller. This way, you get to get to know if they will deliver and if they are selling the genuine product.


Dunlopillo has 23 locations in Singapore. The company specializes in sleep products offering mattresses and bedding to its customers. This store carries many brands and has many collections, including basic, imperial, and spinal care. Some of the types of mattress you’ll be able to find in their showroom include basic, full latex, nano-tech, and more. In addition to mattresses, Dunlopillo also sells other related accessories like bed sets, latex toppers, mattress protectors, and pillows.


Singapore isn’t short of destinations to buy mattresses. The above listed places are just a tip of the iceberg. More destinations are available all across the country. Our list, however, contains trusted destinations that assure you of quality of your product upon purchase. Make your mattress purchase today!