Compelling Reasons Why Parents in Singapore Should Take Their Injured Kids to a Paediatric Orthopaedic Specialist

As the loving and caring parent that you are, you are ready to do whatever it takes to help your kids grow physically, mentally, and academically. And that is why you sent them to great schools and shower them with love and attention. As they grow up, you may notice some abnormalities, perhaps in the way they walk or run. When this happens, you should make plans to take them to a reputable paediatric orthopaedic in Singapore as soon as you can. Ignore this, and you may have to opt for an invasive procedure to correct your child’s issue.

 Generally, children love to run around and play with their friends. As they do this, they may fall and sustain a serious injury. When this happens, most parents usually take their kids to see a regular doctor to get examined and treated. But at times seeing a regular doctor may not be enough, especially if the child’s injury is severe or if a bone was broken. A visit to a paediatric orthopaedic specialist may be necessary so that they can be thoroughly examined and treated.

Read on to find some convincing reasons why you should take your child to a paediatric Orthopaedic specialist when they are seriously injured.

Correct diagnosis

Regular doctors may lack the knowledge, skill, and technique to handle issues related to bone disorder and abnormalities. Because of this, they may not be able to offer the best care and treatments. Even worse, they may not diagnose a condition correctly and thus offer the wrong treatment.

To prevent all these from happening, take your kid to an experienced paediatric orthopaedic specialist, as they have been specifically trained to diagnose and treat kids.

Prevent your child’s issue from deteriorating

As previously mentioned, ignoring a bone related issue is a recipe for disaster. And this is because the condition may deteriorate and warrant a surgical procedure to address it in the future.

Most parents are skeptical about taking their kids to a pa

ediatric orthopaedic because they aren’t sure what to expect. Because of this, they assume the doctor is going to tell them that their child needs surgery. Well, this may be far from the truth because there are a lot of effective non-surgical treatments for kids.

Recover quicker

When you take your child to a reputable paediatric orthopaedic in Singapore, you can be confident that he or she will get the best care and the right treatments. This will go a long way in helping them recover quicker.

When to take your child to a paediatric orthopaedic specialist

A lot of parents in Singapore find it difficult to determine when to take their child to see a paediatric orthopaedic and when to see a regular doctor, perhaps because they don’t have a solid medical background. So, don’t feel alone if this is true in your case, as there are others like you.

Below is a list of conditions in children that should only be addressed by a paediatric orthopedic.

  • Flat feet
  • In-toeing
  • Fractures
  • ACL tear
  • Scoliosis
  • Toe walking
  • Blount disease
  • Ankle sprain
  • Discoid Meniscus
  • Bowleg
  • Pulled Elbow

A lot of parents in Singapore are very much concerned about the way their child walks. So, when they notice them limping or walking abnormally, they are usually very worried. But sometimes, the reason they limp may not because they are injured or have a health condition. Some kids limp or walk abnormally because they want to. They may also do this when they are stressed.