How to Move a King Size Bed into a New Apartment

Moving a king size bed to a new apartment or from the vendors warehouse can be a bit challenging owing to its big size and heavy weight, but this is nothing to worry about as you wouldn’t be expected to carry it on your head. In the case of moving to a new apartment, the bed will be the last item you would want to pack.

Ideally, the pros of moving a king-size mattress without hiring anyone include full control of the move as well as the money investment saved by attempting this on your own or with your family and friends.

The packing process will be a bit different depending on the model of the king-sized bed you have.

Nonetheless, irrespective of the model of the king size bed you have, the below is a perfect guide to dismantling and conveniently moving the bed.

Step by step process:

Move the mattress and box spring, package them into airtight mattress bags to protect them from water and dirt

Disassemble the bed frame: this will differ depending on the bed model, always ensure that the manufacturer’s manual is safely kept for disassembling instructions mostly if the bed has a king headboard, you will need the manual to be able to disassemble it and fix it back.

Wrap it and pack it: wrapping the bed frame in bubble wrap helps prevent it from sustaining scratches most especially if it’s a wooden bed frame. Tape each part up nicely to ensure security.

More tips:

Ensure that the mattress frame and board are protected and stay that way while they are being transported to the new location. It is never a bad idea to have a few pairs of extra hands around. Get some friends or family to come help with the move as moving a king size mattress is no meat feat, pun intended!