Why Should You Choose Laser Treatments for Cellulite Removal?

All over the world, women are more prone to cellulite. These form beneath the skin and entail a lumpy look. While the thighs, bottom, and belly are the commonly affected areas, this may form anywhere on the body.

Although this is not harmful, people having cellulite feel shy on the beach due to the unsightly display. And women are seriously considering to get rid of this cosmetic issue. Among the many ways to remove cellulite, Laser treatment has many advantages. It involves no chemicals or drugs and the process is quick and simple.

How do laser treatments help cellulite removal?

Laser removal of cellulite is becoming more promising every day. When the affected area goes under Laser firing, it liquefies the fat under the skin, and also cut the connecting tissues that cause cellulite. Laser treatment further increases blood flow and reduces liquid retention. Read on for more cellulite removal treatments.

Different laser removal options

1. Laser Liposuction

This involves minimal invasion under local anesthesia. The doctor fires the laser beam for liquefying the fat in the affected area and it is removed through a thin tube (cannula).

2. Zerona

This procedure involves low-level laser therapy. It does not cause death to the fat cells but empties the content. Comfort is the best benefit of this cold laser process.

3. Sculpsure

It involves heating the fat cells. Additional cooling is also applied to prevent skin damage. This is generally not painful, but some patients experience a warming sensation.

4. Cellulaze

In this procedure, a laser tipped cannula or thin tube is inserted under the skin. The fat melts and passes out. The laser also stimulates the production of collagen that improves the depth and elasticity of the skin.

5. Cellfina

This is a minimally invasive procedure. The Surgeon applies local anesthesia and inserts a tiny device near every cellulite dimple. The vibrating blade at the end of the device cuts through the bands causing each dimple.

Advantages of laser cellulite removal

You can enjoy the following benefits by trying these procedures.

Guaranteed and quick results

Surgical removal of cellulite involves an extended recovery period. With a laser, you do not have such problems. A laser session continues for about 30 minutes and you may need up to in case of severe cellulite. Once you complete following the sessions, you will have beautiful skin without dimples over there.

Low-risk procedure

All cosmetic treatment procedures are associated with a certain amount of risk. Surgery and other invasive methods have a great risk. But laser causes reddening of the area only and this becomes normal after a few days.

No pain procedure

Individuals undergoing surgery and other incisive cellulite removal processes cause pain during recovery. Laser treatment is a painless procedure, though some may have a feeling of discomfort. However, this disappears after a short while. 

Provides additional skin benefits

Laser treatment not only removes cellulite it also clears up any scratches present in that area. Thus, you get glowing skin at the end of the day free of cost. Moreover, laser treatment also thickens the skin which is great in preventing cellulite formation.