Best Places to Buy Mattresses in Singapore

There are many places you can buy a mattress of your choice in Singapore from brand stores, furniture megastores, and online marketplaces. The brand stores are typically the most expensive, as they sell at retail price. But before you take the plunge and make a purchase, it’s essential to get the feel of the mattress first hand in the store.

Most brands will have samples in the furniture store where customers can see and experience what they are buying. In this article, we will outline stores that have a variety of brand to choose from and many different mattress types such as back pain mattresses.  In these stores, you will find a broader range of mattresses and other related accessories, compared to a general furniture outlet.

Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman retails a good a variety of mattresses. They also carry popular brands like Baton Sleep, Levitate, Haylee brands, among others. You will find both affordable and high-end mattresses with over 40 types of mattresses and beds. The mattresses in this store include latex mattresses, spring mattresses, and memory foam mattresses. Harvey Norman conducts sales very often so make sure to check if there is one happening, you will be saving a lot of money.


Courts sells a wide range of mattresses including brands like Sealy, Four Stars, and Woosa and Noa mattress. The store carries both affordable and high-end brands products. There are over 500 options to choose from, and you will be able to find related accessories in their store, including protectors, pillows, and bed frames.


Shopping for a mattress online can be tricky if you don’t know the brand very well. That’s why it recommended that you visit a store and test out the mattress of your choice. Ordering online becomes easy after that because FurnitureSG offers delivery services. Before hitting check out, look for discount codes or shop sales, prices are usually the lowest at these clearance sales. Also, be aware of how many free trial dates are available and refund or exchange terms in case you do not like what you purchased.


Lazada is a market place where you are likely to find everything being sold here. Most brand and third-party sellers will have listings on this site. Check out their terms and conditions before selling. Compare prices between sellers selling the mattress you are interested in. Lastly, check the sellers rating to know his history and reviews from customers who purchased a product from that seller. This way, you get to get to know if they will deliver and if they are selling the genuine product.


Dunlopillo has 23 locations in Singapore. The company specializes in sleep products offering mattresses and bedding to its customers. This store carries many brands and has many collections, including basic, imperial, and spinal care. Some of the types of mattress you’ll be able to find in their showroom include basic, full latex, nano-tech, and more. In addition to mattresses, Dunlopillo also sells other related accessories like bed sets, latex toppers, mattress protectors, and pillows.


Singapore isn’t short of destinations to buy mattresses. The above listed places are just a tip of the iceberg. More destinations are available all across the country. Our list, however, contains trusted destinations that assure you of quality of your product upon purchase. Make your mattress purchase today!

Top King and Queen Size Mattress Brands in Singapore

The thought of where to get a good quality king size and queen size mattress can be burdensome mostly when one is totally a novice or oblivious of the connection between bed sizes and comfort. This article help you conquer the stress as it contains the list of best 5 king and queen size mattresses in Singapore from which you’ll have value for your money, comfort and vitality.

European Bedding Mattresses

To be the best natural source, it has to be organic. European Bedding proudly carries the Heveya bedding product range which offers 100% natural organic latex mattresses and pillows for a worry-free sleep. Their mattresses also come with a 100 nights free trial. Thus aiding in purchasing a mattress with the right firmness and support with no extra costs incurred.

Haylee Mattresses

Designed in Singapore, the Haylee mattress provides remarkable comfort and was thoughtfully built to let your body enjoy the rest that you simply don’t enjoy enough. Its firmness and cooling gel layer super perfect for the Singapore weather, which gives solid support for one’s back and spine makes Haylee one of the preferred choices. These mattresses also come with a 100 night sleep trial for free.

Sofzsleep Mattresses

Sofzsleep’s mission is to consistently manufacture products of the highest possible standards in the last 7 years. They bring German technological expertise and the best natural materials available, together with contemporary design aesthetic, to provide maximum comfort and optimal body support, at the most competitive price. Each material sourced has its own properties that enhance sleeping comfort. Afterall, sleep is our natural state, so it is only natural that the purest materials are used to craft perfect sleep for all.

Seahorse Mattresses

“Sea Horse” brand was establish in the mid-80s’ in Hong Kong. The brand aims at the general public, famous for its excellent quality with economic pricing. In 1987, the Sea Horse Healthy Mattress was launched. According to SRH report, Sea Horse Mattresses and pillows have been the number one best sellers in Hong Kong and Singapore. And “Sea Horse” mattresses achieved No. 1 in terms of sales volume with lion’s share in Hong Kong for 26 consecutive years. Sea Horse brand is a ideal choice for consumers looking for top grade products with reasonable price.

King Koil Mattresses

Around since 1898, King Koil has a wide range of quality spring mattresses with the promise of ‘Ultimate Comfort Made to Last’. Inner spring mattresses, premium pocketed spring mattresses, accompanying divans, headboards and bedframes as well as luxury bedlinens and bedding accessories are all part of the wide range of offerings at King Koil.


Moving a king size bed to a new apartment or from the vendors warehouse can be a bit challenging owing to its big size and heavy weight, but this is nothing to worry about as you wouldn’t be expected to carry it on your head. In the case of moving to a new apartment, the bed will be the last item you would want to pack.

Ideally, the pros of moving a king-size mattress without hiring anyone include full control of the move as well as the money investment saved by attempting this on your own or with your family and friends.

The packing process will be a bit different depending on the model of the king-sized bed you have.

Nonetheless, irrespective of the model of the king size bed you have, the below is a perfect guide to dismantling and conveniently moving the bed.

Step by step process:

Move the mattress and box spring, package them into airtight mattress bags to protect them from water and dirt

Disassemble the bed frame: this will differ depending on the bed model, always ensure that the manufacturer’s manual is safely kept for disassembling instructions mostly if the bed has a king headboard, you will need the manual to be able to disassemble it and fix it back.

Wrap it and pack it: wrapping the bed frame in bubble wrap helps prevent it from sustaining scratches most especially if it’s a wooden bed frame. Tape each part up nicely to ensure security.

More tips:

Ensure that the mattress frame and board are protected and stay that way while they are being transported to the new location. It is never a bad idea to have a few pairs of extra hands around. Get some friends or family to come help with the move as moving a king size mattress is no meat feat, pun intended!

Tips to follow before buying Hyper Convergence Systems for Infrastructure

Tips to follow before buying Hyper Convergence Systems for Infrastructure

Hyper converged infrastructure or hyperconvergence refers to a system of infrastructures that is combined with electronic and software technologies in such a fashion that all the components of the infrastructure are interconnected and operate in synch with each other.

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Some of the major component of hyper convergence systems are computational and data analysis capabilities, data storage, networking and virtual solutions. Hyper convergence systems are attached to software platforms which can present easy to read dashboards for live availability of system status.

Advantages of Hyper Convergence Systems
Most hyper converged infrastructures provide the mentioned benefits.
Eliminates the need for individual systems and therefore saves costs by using one system to govern all the components.
All the data that is passed through the system can be processed by using a single unified set of protocols.
With virtualization capabilities, systems and situations can modeled and analyzed for scaling of operations.
Brings a change in the management attitude by making it more application-orientated rather than focusing only on hardware. This causes an increase in mobility and and standardization of management policies.

Tips to follow before buying Hyper Converged Infrastructure
One should never jump into the decision of buying and implementing hyper converged infrastructure. This is primary because, hyper converged infrastructure has a lot of additional hardware and software requirements that consume a lot of capital and resources. Before deciding to buy and implement hyper converged structures, the company should thoroughly analyze its goals and needs and understand exactly what are the targets that is trying to achieve through hyper converged infrastructure.
Also the buyer that is going to supply hyper converged infrastructure must be checked for quality and the product that is being given must have necessary space and capability for scaling. The systems that are being updated with the hyper converged platform must be compatible with platform. Added to this previous customer reviews must be checked and the supplier of hyper converged infrastructure must have a good story behind his product. Additionally, the software capabilities must be checked to ensure that the platform that is being introduced can handle all the workload that the company needs to manage.

Hyper converged infrastructure is the best way to manage and control all the system components and combine them together for better management of the lifecycle of the systems. Hyper convergence of systems and infrastructures allows for better monitoring of the overall systems and optimizes resource usage through efficient use of each component.

Latest Trends in SAP HANA

Latest Trends in SAP HANA

The SAP HANA is a database application that was developed by SAP. The acronym HANA stands for high-performance analytic appliance. The advantage of this application is that it is able to process massive amounts of data directly from the RAM. This data is processed in real time and within a very short time frame. The ability to process data instantaneously makes it a useful application in many organizations where quick results are required from transactions and analysis.

SAP HANA can be quite a new technology to grasp for you and your company. However, with Hitachi ICT Solutions, you can be assured that your team will master it effectively. If you are looking for a SAP HANA vendor Singapore, you should definitely look for SAP HANA Hitachi ICT. Check out their site today.

Like any other application, SAP HANA is constantly updated with new features. Here are some of the latest trends in SAP HANA.

Data, an asset that can be traded
In an age where data is highly dominant in almost all industries, it should come as no surprise that stakeholders are now viewing data as a potential commercial asset. Organizations and technology vendors are increasingly looking for services that can enable the trade of internal data. Applications like SAP HANA, with its high-speed data processing capability will prove to be instrumental when develop and sifting through data for commercial purposes.
The predictive analytics feature in SAP HANA will allow businesses to analyze certain trends that business strategies need to focus on. This helps to better manage data and organize it as per need.

Optimization of business applications
SAP HANA, due to its quick and responsive data processing feature, allows organizations to quickly respond to changing trends and requirements. This helps businesses to stay competitive and the real-time reporting allows the customization of data. These features improve performance and help businesses to gain better insights.

Machine learning
Machine learning is the ability of computers to learn without having to program them. Machine learning combined with artificial intelligence is becoming one of the most popular trends in businesses today. The process of machine learning is based on historical and relevant data. Computers learn from the past and then modify their responses when faced with future similar scenarios.

The SAP HANA, with its ability to mine highly relevant data instantaneously will soon become a crucial resource in the field of machine learning. Computers can be trained using real-time data to hone their responses. This will in turn shape the business landscape in the future. Machine learning will soon be incorporated into platforms and analytic tools for organizations to use them in their daily processes. Some other partners to consider are ERP solutions providers such as MSC Consulting in Singapore.

Important things you need to consider when choosing an SAP partner

Important things you need to consider when choosing an SAP partner

There are a lot of technologies you can use as a business owner to increase your output and overall productivity. That begin said, it is important for you to have it in mind that not every technology will be good for your business. Some may create more problems for you or make things even more complex.

SAP is a popular ERP solution that can simplify your business process and help you get more done in less time.

Choosing SAP is a step in the right direction, but there is a challenge you are going to face and that is of choosing an SAP partner. Since there are so many SAP partners out there, it is likely going be difficult for you to choose among them. Settling for just any SAP partner is not really a good idea. And this is because; they may not be able to address the needs of your company.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the partner you choose is going to be responsible for training your team and your support system. The partner you choose is surely going to determine if you are going to thrive or strive.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some things you should do when choosing an SAP partner.  You can also visit to learn more about choosing an SAP partner.


This is the first thing you should do before choosing any SAP partner.  Yes, this might seem simple, but it is important. Get to know as much as you can about what your partner is like. Find out who is on their team, their culture, the way they relate with each other and the area they specialize in.

You need to know in advance if you can rely on them in the event of an emergency. Since there are so many partners that make empty promises, it is important that you find out what is really going on within their inner circle.


Before choosing an SAP partner, you have to be sure that they have both the skill and experience to handle the needs of your company. It is best you select a partner who has been in the IT industry for years and has encountered and handled different challenges. There are a lot of ways you can determine the experience of a partner. One of the best ways you can do this is by checking how long they have been in the IT industry and what others have to say about them.


There are thousands of testimonials out there that can help you choose a great partner. Granted, the SAP system is good, but not all SAP partners are great or will be able to handle your needs. So, if you cannot find a recommendation or testimonial that says volume about the partner you have selected, then you should look for another one with excellent testimonials.


Partnering with an organization that is stagnant or that hasn’t done anything significant for the last couple of years is not really a good idea. If you are really serious about growth, then you should choose a partner that is ambitious. Find a partner that can easily implement your ERP strategy and bring it to life.


The various SAP systems that are available are perfect for a growing organization, but this does not mean that they can cover all your business tasks in a unique way. When selecting a partner, it is important that you choose one that is able to address the unique needs of your business.

Final note

Applying the tips in this article is going to help choose an SAP partner that will be able to handle your needs and grow your business.

How Microsoft Dynamics Makes CRM Solutions Equitable For All?

With the market witnessing the toughest competition ever in the history of mankind, technological enhancements to business processes are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. This is where
CRM solutions step into modern enterprises and help them in conquering these challenges. Although Oracle was the one which pioneered enterprise class CRM tools, a lot many players have
stepped into the market, realising the hunger for such tools in the market. The earliest CRM tools exclusively facilitated enterprises to manage customer relations from end to end. However,
the scope of CRM tools has now been broadened.

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Amidst, all the clamouring for supremacy in the CRM market, two behemoths stand out from the rest. They are Microsoft and Salesforce. The
growing number of Microsoft dynamics partners in the market, provides sufficient proof of the efficacy of Microsoft’s approach to CRM. The difference between Microsoft’s approach and
Salesforce’s approach to CRM is that, while Salesforce prompts companies to use its proprietary tools, Microsoft is working towards democratising the CRM. Salesforce’s approach is strongly
customer centric and is based on allowing enterprises to customise their solutions on the same lines. In this article we shall discuss, how Microsoft dynamics makes CRM solutions equitable
for all.

Microsoft hopes to make everyone accountable in CRM
Most efficiency experts praise Microsoft’s approach to CRM, as it expedites CRM considerably. In order to achieve this, Microsoft has made the CRM functionalities, an inbuilt feature of
its other popular softwares. What this means is that, each employee of any organisation which utilizes Microsoft dynamics, is forced to do their work in line with the CRM goals set by
the same organisation. Every employee of the organisation will have their own responsibilities in achieving the CRM goals. Thus making CRM far more effective and quicker than before.
This is possible, thanks to the common data model leveraged by all of Microsoft’s offerings. As Microsoft has software solutions for all departments, its CRM solutions will finally be
equitable for all stakeholders.

Leveraging customer data has never been simpler
Since all of Microsoft’s applications are developed from the same development kit, building customised solutions is not tough like it used to be earlier. As an added bonus, even
application compatibility is intrinsically enhanced. The common data model has unified the numerous data storages into one entity, making customer data operations simpler than ever
before. As a result of this, reports and data inferences can be easily compiled by enterprises as and when required.

Apps used for CRM

CRM stands for Customer service management. It helps to combine data from across all channels to maintain it at one place making it available for the entire organization. CRM helps in boosting the marketing, sales and customer service relations of the organization. Since all the data is available in one spot, it is easier for the customer service representative to answer any unexpected question when all necessary data is at one spot. To improve the efficiency, many functions have been added to CRM such as email, phone, social media or other channels. Marketing automation, sales force automation, contract center automation etc. are some of the added features of CRM these days. Some of the CRM tools are Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamic CRM.

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Choosing the best suited CRM for your company is necessary for proper functioning of your organization. To choose the best suited CRM, you need to first analyze on what your organization would like to track, how your team works etc. based on the findings of this analysis, you need to choose the CRM which your company requires. Since CRM is so widely used in every area of business, now days, it is incorporated into the mobiles in the form of apps. This article will be discussing some of the top apps that have helped to incorporate CRM into mobiles such as MSC Consulting Pte Ltd.

HubSpot CRM is one of the best CRM apps available. It is fully free and provides all the features for a team of unlimited size with up to one million contacts. It helps to improve your team’s performance with the modern day sales processes. This app provides it users the ability to create contacts, company, and deal records. All these can be associated with each other and the properties can be edited and customized.

Google Contacts is another CRM app. It is best suited for a smart personal CRM inside Gmail. It is he best suited app for personal use.

Bitrix24 comprises of a suite of tools which help in the proper functioning of the team. It comprises of all the core features for a team of 12 members for free.

Freshsales is best suited for customer information which is tied to your support tools. They too comprise of all the necessary core features for a team of 10 members for free.

Zoho CRM comprises of all the necessary office tools. It accommodates 25k contacts and 10 team members for free.


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